Premier Investigation Group is distinguished as one of the United States premier forensic accounting/fraud investigation organizations.  Our practice is devoted to providing attorneys and business organizations with a diverse continuum of forensic accounting, fraud investigations, forensic science and support litigation services.

Every client obtains the personal involvement of a team of professional accountants, forensic scientists, and fraud investigators.

Taking on the roles of forensic auditors and investigators, we decipher and uncover those transactions and personnel activities that may have criminal or non-criminal consequences.  Depending on the engagement, this process can employ one or more of the following techniques.

                    * Analysis of Financial Transactions & Statement

                     * Forensic Analysis of Documents

                     * Interviewing and Interrogations

                     * Review of records to identify factitious vendors

                     * Physical Surveillance

                     * Polygraph

Premier Investigation Group has vast knowledge of internal accounting and operating controls for a variety of businesses through many years of hands-on experience as business consultants.  In addition, we have acquired exceptional knowledge of industry specific accounting and reporting practices that are often the focus of civil and criminal litigation.

Our senior fraud investigator has a masters degree in science and has been a divisional controller of a major petroleum corporation, and was the treasurer/controller, of a financial institution.  He brings over thirty years of experience in criminal fraud investigations, and was hired as an adjunct professor at a local university, teaching criminal fraud investigations and fraudulent concealment of corporate assets.

If you are need of a forensic accounting/fraud investigator, please feel free to call us for a no charge consultation.



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